A road trip with your hero—what could go wrong?

Charlie is beyond thrilled when he’s assigned to take his literary hero on a ten day trip through the mountains of West Virginia to help the author research his next book. A paid vacation with his celebrity crush seems too good to be true—and he quickly finds it is.

Ezra McKinnon has a reputation for being a brilliant writer—and a bit of a diva. After the runaway success of his first novel, Ezra suddenly finds himself spending his time partying instead of writing. Ezra feels the pressure to replicate the success of his first book, and the last thing he needs is a traveling companion who can’t seem to shut up—and who Ezra can’t keep his hands off.

Between car breakdowns and hotel room mix-ups, the disastrous trip forces the two men to work together. Around Charlie, Ezra finally feels comfortable letting go of his celebrity persona, and Charlie thinks he may have found a guy who treats him well. But as soon as they’re back home, things start to fall apart.

Will their fledgling relationship survive the real world, or was this just a brief road trip fling?

Almost Heaven is an enemies-to-lovers m/m contemporary romance with plenty of (slightly kinky) heat, and a happy ending.

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