“I kissed you because I thought I’d never see you again.”

It took shy dreamer Rory Fisher the entire school year to work up the courage to kiss Milo and only a minute to completely embarrass himself. But nearly ten years later, when Rory runs into Milo—handsome and mysterious and devastatingly sexy—sitting alone at a bar, Rory is determined to not run away this time. As one night together turns into two, then three, then more, Rory finds himself falling hard and fast for the wounded man he sees behind Milo’s dark, brooding artist facade. Too bad Milo’s made it clear he’s not looking for anything serious.

“I don’t let guys stay the night. And I definitely don’t let guys stay the night three weekends in a row.”

Still reeling from a bad breakup, Milo Ventura vows he won’t let himself fall in love again. But there’s something about Rory’s frat boy exterior and his shy, sweet interior that has Milo breaking all his own rules. And when Milo finds himself pretending to be Rory’s boyfriend at a wedding—and enjoying it—he knows he’s in big trouble. Rory wants to be with Milo, but what will happen when Rory discovers just how broken Milo really is?

“I want to love him. I just don’t know if he’ll let me.”

Milo cares more deeply for Rory than for anyone he’s ever known. But he also knows he’s damaged, skittish—and how can he trust that Rory won’t hurt him like everyone else has? When Rory gets a job in California, he’s not sure he dares to ask Milo to come with him. He loves Milo—but is he asking for more than Milo can give? Will their love wither on the vine, or are they brave enough to give it the chance to bloom?

Bloom is an m/m contemporary romance with second chance, fake relationship, and hurt/comfort themes, plenty of heat, and a happy ending.

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