Matt Harper has the perfect life—so why is he miserable?

On paper, Matt’s got everything: a degree from a prestigious university, a successful career, a beautiful girlfriend—but he’s still not happy. One day, he leaves it all behind and heads to the mountains in a desperate attempt to find himself. Matt can’t outrun his problems, though—and things only get more complicated when he meets a young, charismatic stranger he can’t seem to stay away from.

Wild, passionate, and deeply troubled, Josh Day is interested in one thing: forgetting his crappy life. Whether it’s at the bottom of a bottle or in bed with a fling, Josh moves too quickly and parties too hard to give himself a chance to think about everything that’s gone wrong. When Josh meets Matt at a party, it seems like the perfect opportunity for his next hook up.

The two men are quickly drawn to each other, opening up to one another in ways they never have before. As Matt and Josh grow closer, they are forced to confront their inner demons. To be together, Matt will have to leave his old life behind completely and Josh must face the trauma he’s been hiding from—but they find that love alone may not be enough to overcome their fears.

Will both men be brave enough to take the plunge?

The Plunge is an emotional m/m contemporary romance with hurt/comfort themes, plenty of heat, and a happy ending.

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